Why do we Show and Tell? and more....

August 12, 2018

Show and Tell, Bring and Brag, whatever it is that we call it, it's a very special time at every quilt gathering. This is that time when no matter how long you've been quilting you have your moment to shine; it's when you can share with your fellow quilters your achievements and receive praise and acknowledgement for a job well done. When a quilt is shown to others quite often a short story is told about why the quilt was made and perhaps even a tale of the trials and tribulations that went into making the quilt.




During show and tell everyone deserves to be heard, every quilt deserves some oohs and ahhs as it is the affirmation we receive from others that encourages us to keep quilting and keeps bringing us back to the group.

So next time your group announces show and tell is about to start, take the time to grab a cuppa, stop sewing and chatting and sit back and listen to what each and every person has to say. By doing so you are providing everyone with the same sense of satisfaction you received when you last showed off one of your quilts and told your story. And you just never know you may even receive that lightning bolt of inspiration that will set you off on your next quilting journey.


At our last couple of gatherings it's been wonderful to see Strip Pieced Hexagons coming together, Lucy Boston Quilts growing in size and quilts started at the retreat being finished off.


For more photos from our WOW Gatherings go to our Flickr site.


This coming week we will have the Super, Quick and Easy Panel Quilt workshop.  We are really looking forward to seeing these quick and easy quilts come together.  




It's not long now until the In2quilting Charity Day.   This long awaited day will be held on Sunday the 18th of November.  We will follow up with more information about the Charity Day over the coming months.  So please Save the Date as  we would love to see you all there.

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